Memories of 2016

It’s New Years Eve and everyone is writing/blogging/tweeting their view of the past year. I thought I’d join in the fun.

So, 2016 – worse year ever?
Yes, some famous people died, but that happens every year and once it had been decided that this year is the worst, every new announcement just adds to it.
Yes, there were a few political decisions made, that the losers thought were wrong. We live in a democracy – it happens, get over it.
Yes, everyone worries what 2017 will bring – it hasn’t happened yet, enjoy today.

As you might have guessed, I am a glass half full type of person. How has 2016 been for me?

Not bad. I’ve kept healthy, bar the occasional sniffle. So has the family, apart from the removal of an appendix and a gradual loss of memory (not in the same person).

I have gained a grandchild. Molly was born at the end of January and she is the most beautiful, talented child ever born. All grandparents say that, but in this case it’s true!

Molly on Boxing Day

Molly on Boxing Day

During the early part of the year I severed all links with my childhood home. We had moved my mother to a care home near us and her house was sold. We had moved into it 50 years ago, so there was a lot of sorting out to do and memories to relive. I hope the new owners will be as happy as we were.

Back Garden, August 1988

Back Garden, August 1988







The Indian at the front is now Molly’s dad!

We have had several breaks away this year. A visit to Dorset, which included the Chalke Valley History Festival, see here and here for a report about the fun we had in the mud there. Later we went to Northumberland – read about that here and here.

Holidays now seem to be chosen with Anglo-Saxons and writing in mind, which brings me to the main point of this post.

This is the year writing took over my life.

With a trip to the Self-Publishing Conference in May and the HNA Conference in Oxford in September, I have been meeting other authors and learning about this business. I still attend the class I first signed up for in January 2013 and recently joined a Cafe Writers Group.

Most of all I have been writing. Or Editing. Or thinking about Writing. Sometimes reading. Everything else has been pushed to one side – I spend a lot of time in the 10th Century!

People say that if you write, you are a writer. I’m not sure. You are only a writer if other people agree with that opinion. Last night I got an e-mail from one of my beta readers. My first feedback. There were interesting suggestions and reports of spelling errors (that’s why I need an editor) but he said it was “a great read”. What a wonderful end to the year!

Any resolutions?

To be published – even if I have to do it myself.

Only then can I call myself “A Writer”



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