How I’m writing.

Sunday today – time to let you all know how is going in my attempt to write every day.

Not so bad – well, yesterday was bad – 455 words of absolute rubbish, forced out with gritted teeth! But at least I sat there and wrote something.

So, the figures: 14th January, my WIP was 19,326 words. Yesterday, including the rubbish, 24,175.
Total words written 4,849.
Oh dear, seems I’m only doing five days work – and leaving early on Friday!

However. Thursday was writing class, and there was an interesting exercise.

After the class, I went home and wrote over 2,000 words (edited to 1,882). It won’t be part of the book, but it is back story. It has told me something I didn’t already know about the character. It may come up later.

Back to the figures. 4,849 plus 1,882 equals 6,731.
Plus 474 (remember my last post?)
Equals – big drum roll – 7,205.

I’m on schedule!

Come back next week to see how I get on.

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