Interviewing a Character – Jack (a Pirate?)

For the letter J in my intermittent hijack of the AtoZ Challange,  I am not interviewing someone from my book, but a character who has been around a lot longer, although he is a few hundred years younger than Byrhtnoth.


Q : Would you like to introduce yourself – who you are, what you do?

A : Captain John Madder at your service, but you can call me Jack. I am first mate on the ship Worcester


Q : Where and when are you? Are you a real historical person or did your author create you?

A : Not sure where I am at present – I died yesterday. At least it was on the 11th April 1705 that they hanged me on the sands at Leith, between the high and low water mark. They said I was a pirate. I am/was a real person, reviled by history – at least in Scotland!


Q : In a few brief sentences: what is the novel you feature in about?

A : I feature in no novel but my author has written much about me; in journals and blogs and a few chapters of a sadly neglected book of non-fiction. We started a novel but were interrupted by that uncivilised boy with the unpronounceable name He’s nowhere around at the moment, is he?


Q : How did your author meet up with you?

A : We met in archives when she was researching family history. We share a name but, as far as I know we are not related


Q : Tell me about one or two of the other characters who feature with you – husband, wife, family? Who are some of the nice characters and who is the nastiest one?

A : I had a wife – and sons, but they died. I have a daughter, Isabella, but she will not long survive me. I hardly know her, I have been at sea so long. She, the sea, is who I love.

The worst man I know is Mr Roderick Mackenzie, secretary to the Scottish Company Not only did he bankrupt Scotland with that expedition to Darien (I’m told that place is now in Panama – I’ll say no more!) but he boarded our ship under false pretences and seized the crew. So who is the real pirate?


Q : What is your favourite scene in the book?

A : I remember a voyage to southern Spain. We sold a load of fish and bought a barrel of wine at Malaga. We drank the whole lot. At least I think I remember it.


Q : What is your least favourite? Maybe a frightening or sad moment that your author wrote.

A : That would have been my death. There were three of us; the Captain, the Gunner and me. They hanged me last, because they said I was a Scotsman. I was born there, but left as soon as I could – like most intelligent Scots!


Q : What are you most proud of about your author?

A : She’s doing quite well at this writing lark, but it was me that got her started. We were doing quite well with that non-fiction book she planned to write. Then she insisted on trying fiction and while my back was turned that young lad jumped in and flattered her with talk of swords and battles – I could tell her few tales of battles…


Q : Has your author written other books about you? If not, about other characters?
How do you feel about your author going off with someone else!

A : Just the blogs and things. I got a bit upset when she went off with that boy – she’s old enough to be his mother (I was going to say grandmother but then she’d abandon me all together!) I’m not that bothered. She’s only using him to “hone her craft” as she says, and then we’ll be together – she needs a proper man.


Q : As a character if you could travel to a time and place different to your own fictional setting where and when would you go?

A : Well, don’t tell anyone, but that’s what we’re planning. First she’s going to rescue me from the rope and then we’ll be off travelling – visiting relatives in time and space. Time travel meets genealogy; or Dr-Who-do you think you are? as she calls it.


Oh, and just for the record, I’m not a pirate – well not much!

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