A Change of Genre

I have already mentioned the writing class that I attend and how the exercises we do inspire my writing. Today I want to talk about some of our recent successes.

We are a very much a mixed group, male and female, young and old. Anyone can join and new people arrive. Some stay, others move on.
We also cover a whole range of writing genres. Sometimes this can cause problems.

In a recent exercise we were asked to write a scene set at the seaside. There were jokes about Anglo-Saxons going to the seaside. I ignored them.
In fact I have written a scene in my book of a group of teenage boys, sitting round a fire on a beach, drinking cider. Can’t get more modern seaside than that!
No donkeys or sticks of rock, and the fire is a burning Viking ship, but…

Between us we cover everything from children’s picture books to steam punk, teenage vampires and futuristic YA action stories. There are stories about school reunions and family sagas involving wills. We even have a Glaswegian who writes hilarious short stories that always include a Tory politician suffering some indignity.

Dragon Child




Our tutor/leader/torturer is Gill. She writes children’s fiction

For details see here. She has more books out soon.







Another in the group is David, He is our medical expert – we all run our (fictional) injuries past him.

He writes Victorian Railway Mysteries.

His first book is out later this month. For more information go to his website.



Sunset Cottage


Finally, we have our star of the moment, Bella. She’s a Romantic Novelist and her first book  ‘It Started At Sunset Cottage’ was published last year.

It has been quite a success – it was even sold in Tesco! Her next novel is out later this year.

Visit her website to find out more.

She was recently short listed for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award. The awards ceremony is on Monday – we all wish her the best of luck.


Perhaps one day all of us will be there – not the Romantic Novel Award, probably, but our genre equivalent.