Yes, I know it’s already halfway through January, but I like to give these things plenty of thought. Since

my resolutions usually don’t make it to the end of the month, I need to make sure that I can actually achieve what I promise. Especially if I am posting them here for all the world to read.

Here goes. I will try to write everyday. Of course this is meaningless unless I set a target of how many words and what those words must be. Should this blog post count? What about a shopping list? Or Twitter? The latter probably not, but since another resolution is to blog more regularly, perhaps I should include posts. In theory it should be creative writing – or as creative as my writing gets.

Now to set a target. Reading about famous authors and other distracting rubbish about “How to Write” the general consensus seems to be around 1000 words. It sounds reasonable. A thousand sounds like a big number but it’s not that difficult – about four pages, double spaced. I will try to write (at least) a thousand words a day.

Ah, but what happens if I can’t write that day. For example, today. I spent all morning scanning in old postcards for a local history group. The group meets every Tuesday evening, so that’s this evening taken care of. I have just returned from giving blood. (My 80th donation, as it happens. They gave me a cup of coffee and a pack of biscuits!) So I am now reclining on a sofa with a large glass of water (no alcohol allowed.) tapping this out slowly with one bloodless finger. See what I mean about creative writing!

I decided I would calculate my daily target over a week – that’s seven days at 1000 words a day which comes to (scratches head, counts fingers) seven thousand words – scary! How much that adds up to over a year, I’ll leave to you. Actually that’s not scary, it’s absolutely terrifying! Perhaps I’ll include the tweets.

I few more details, when does the week start? New Years day was Sunday, so the end of the week is Saturday.

I am already into week three – how am I doing?

On January 2nd word count of my WIP (working title Byrhtnoth II) was 4,311,

By 7th it was 14,182. Sounds good, but most of this was just rewriting – changing to first person as book 1.

Total on January 14th was 19,326. Whoops, behind already!

Those editing fiends out there might have noticed one small weasel word “try”.

My resolution is to try my best – in the end that’s all you can do.

I will report my weekly totals, so you can check how I’m getting on. If I fail, I will tell you why – That should help with the creative writing!

(This post is 474 words, nearly halfway there for today.)